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Thanks For an Incredible Summer

This was my first summer performing solo. I learned a lot and I wouldn't change a thing.

I went into this summer a bit nervous. I was used to having my friends on stage with me. My bandmates that supported each other both on and off the stage. But this summer they weren't there and I felt naked while performing. I missed them too. I was concerned that this would be a lonely experience.

If something went wrong there was no one to blame but me. Every sound produced was by me. Every detail had to be planned by me. During breaks I didn't have my on-stage friends around for conversation and drinks. But what I lacked in camaraderie I made up in experience and musicianship.

Playing for three hours per night means you need to be prepared to play a lot of songs. I learned to play so many great guitar songs that were written by some of the all-time great artists. Neil Young, ZZ Top, Prince, George Thorogood, just to name a few. I spent hours and weeks teaching myself how to perform their songs, or at least a decent version of them. That meant my guitar skills had to improve, and they did. I was learning from the best.

Then there were the settings. I was playing venues that weren't necessarily music venues. On most occasions I was performing on patios of breweries, restaurants, and bars. Not real stages just corners of the establishments that the owners set aside for musicians.

What I learned is that these locations were ideal for my music. The people that were there were out to have a good time. They came in groups of friends and family to eat, drink, and enjoy the summer weather. Isn't that what summer is all about?!

With the exception of a few personal friends, most of the locals on these patios weren't there to see me. Heck, most of the time they had no idea live music was involved until they arrived. I was simply there to add to the enjoyment of their evening.

Many nights the customers would sing along, make requests, and occasionally talk to me during breaks. Most people wouldn't approach me but I knew I was adding to the ambience of their evening. Seeing those people enjoy their Friday or Saturday night was pleasantly satisfying.

I want to thank all the venues that allowed me the opportunity to perform this summer. My appreciation to Big Lug Canteen, Field Brewing, Boathouse Kitchen & Swan Dive, Indiana State Fair, and Urban Vines.

I considered this summer satisfying enough that I'm going to keep it going. So, look for me to perform around Indianapolis even more. Feel free to reach out to me if you ever need a singer/guitarist to add musical flavor to your event or establishment.



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